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Welcome to My Beauty Encyclopedia!

I never intended on making a blog, yet here we are. "We" as in "you and me". Me, Melissa, and you, the wonderful human who decided to stop by and see what all this nonsense is about. I've had a beauty page on Instagram for over 2 years now where I talk about makeup and review products, so the thought of a blog breezed through my mind occasionally. Having a hard enough time maintaining that little Instagram account, I decided a blog was way too much of a commitment for this self-proclaimed social-media-hater. As a freelance makeup artist, I finally got around to making a website (the very one you are on right now) and noticed there was an easy-to-use and free blog feature. Easy and free? Alright, why not?

Fair warning: I'm a talker.

In person I'm actually pretty quiet, but I've always been a lengthy and thorough writer so if you're not looking to kill some time, you might not be a fan of my posts. I promise I'll try to be concise...most of the time.

My Instagram account is called MellyFMakeup and I plan for this blog to be a little bit more of an in-depth version of the reviews I do there. My vision for this blog is for the reader to be able to click onto one of my posts (which will mostly be product reviews organized by category) and be able to view all of my reviews and swatches for that category all in one place. If you come to trust my opinion and think "Hey, I need a new foundation. Let me check out which ones Melissa has tried," you can just click on my foundation review post and scroll through the many foundations I've tried. Hopefully the information can help you make a decision.

And hey, maybe nobody will ever even see this blog. And honestly, that's okay. I've always found writing therapeutic (when it wasn't a college term paper) so this might be more for myself than it is for anyone else. But if someone does read this and finds some of the information helpful, then I will consider it a total victory! Just consider me the friend you go to when you need makeup advice.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to talk to you soon!

xoxo Melissa

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