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I Think I've Owned a Million Makeup Products...

...At least it feels that way. I just scrolled down to the darkest depths of my Instagram account (roughly 1360 posts) and kept thinking "Wow, I've owned a lot of makeup." I guess that's why I think my opinion is ever so slightly credible when it comes to recommending products- I've tried a bunch. But please don't be fooled into thinking I have tons of money laying around to blow on makeup. I am an intense lover of coupons and probably 90% of my makeup collection is from the drugstore/affordable brands. I've legitimately walked out of CVS without paying a cent for my purchase thanks to all the coupons I use. Honestly, buying makeup makes me feel good. I know it's not healthy to give in to retail therapy because like other vices, it doesn't make you happier in the long run. I always justified my excessive amounts of makeup purchases by thinking "well when I'm a freelance artist, I want to know which products are best to use on my clients, so let me just try them all." Whether you are a makeup junkie or just getting started in the world of makeup, I hope this blog helps you feel confident that you can find really great products for very reasonable prices.

For the record, I don't save my Instagram pictures once I post them so I might have to screenshot them to get the older ones up here so please bare with the poor picture quality (as seen above).

xoxo Melissa

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