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My Thoughts on Foundation

Some products like lipstick and highlighter get me excited, and I buy more and more until I have way too many to ever use. But honestly, I think the most important part of makeup is foundation and the look of the skin in general. I think there's real talent in being able to make a person's skin look even and flawless. There's relief in being able to cover dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections. There's power in feeling like the best version of yourself. Struggling with adult acne, foundation became my best friend and lifesaver. Sometimes I take it for granted until I apply foundation to a client who doesn't often wear makeup and watch their eyes widen with wonder. It's as if they're thinking, "Is that still me? Who knew my face could look this good?" A smokey eye is obviously makeup. A red lip is obviously makeup. But a good foundation can look natural and oh so flawless all at the same time.

As I talk about foundation formulas that I like, it is important to remember that all skin types are different. Depending on whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or normal, you will find some formulas are great for you and others aren't. Heck, an oily friend can swear by a foundation that another oily friend hates. We are all so unique and no two people have the same skin. What works for someone will never certainly work for another person until they try it. When I help people find foundation at my job, I ask 2 questions to figure out which formula will be best for them. The first question is always "What is your skin like?" and after finding out if they are oily, dry, combo, etc., I ask "What kind of coverage do you like?" Some people like natural looking makeup with just a hint of coverage to even out their skin tone (these are usually the ones with good skin, the ones who don't wear a lot of makeup, or the ones who are just terrified of their foundation looking cakey). Some want full coverage (these are usually the ones who have imperfections like acne or acne scars, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, or just love makeup and want to have that Instagram flawlessly beat face).

For reference, I have dry skin. It was combination up until about a month ago when the temperature dropped and now my skin is flaky ALL OVER MY FACE. I also use prescription acne cleansers which are extremely drying to my skin. I am currently mixing Sweet Almond Oil into my moisturizer day and night but I'm still flaking so hopefully I figure it all out soon because the key to good-looking foundation is good-looking skin. Foundation doesn't look cute on top of flaky skin, in case you were wondering.

I honestly don't remember the first time I wore foundation but I think I only used it for picture day, dance recitals, and proms in high school. I don't remember wearing it too much in my first year of college, but I think by my second year I was wearing it almost every day. So in the past 4 years of wearing foundation, I've tried MANY formulas. In my next post, I will try to list all the ones I've tried and give my thoughts on them from what I remember.

xoxo Melissa

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