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False Lashes

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Is mascara not giving you the full, voluminous lash effect that you see on social media? That's probably because a lot of what you're seeing is false lashes. Celebrities on the red carpet, beauty gurus on social media, heck, maybe even the girl at the grocery store. For some people, false lashes aren't just for special occasions- they're an everyday accessory.

These days, if you see someone with impossibly perfect lashes on a daily basis, they probably have lash extensions which last a couple of weeks and don't require daily reapplication the way false lashes typically do. I've never had lash extensions so I don't know a lot about them, but I love using false lashes for special occasions.

Beware: Once you start wearing falsies more frequently, you might feel naked without them. If I do a smokey eye, something glittery or something with a dramatic winged liner, it's pretty hard for me to feel like the look is complete without lashes. There's some good mascaras out there, but sometimes mascara just won't do the trick for me.

There are tons of different kinds of lashes, from very natural, barely-there styles to crazy thick, full, dramatic lashes. You can use strip lashes, which are the full length of your lashline, or individual lashes which come in little clusters so you can add them just where you need them. If you're just starting out, try something more on the natural side and make sure the band is thin. A thick, sturdy lashband can be hard to keep on your lid and might start popping off throughout the day.

Some lashes come with adhesive on them so that they're ready to pop onto your eye, but I've never tried that kind. I use a lash glue to apply my false lashes and when I take them off at the end of the night, I carefully peel the glue off of the lashes so I can reuse them. If you take good care of your lashes, you can reuse them several times! I've always used lash glue from the brand Duo. I have used both their clear and dark glues, the squeeze tubes, and the kind with the brush-on applicator. All of them worked well for me but I currently use the brush-on kind because it has less ingredients in it. Some lash glues contain formaldehyde and other scary chemicals so I try to get ones that aren't loaded with stuff I can't pronounce.

I almost always have eyeliner on when I apply lashes although it is not necessary. If you're just starting I recommend having eyeliner on because in the times I've applied lashes without liner, I can usually see a little bit of skin between my actual lashline and the lashes if I don't get them close enough.

Here are some basic steps for applying false lashes:

1. Remove the lashes from the package and place them close to your lashline to see how they will look before you glue them on. If they are too long (the false lash band extends past the outer corner of your eye) cut small sections off of the outer corner until it is your desired length. Remember: you can always cut off more, but once you cut too much, you can't go back. However, you can use the cut off pieces as individual lashes if you really made a mistake and want some of the length back. Just glue the main strip lash down first and then glue the small individual piece to your outer corner.

2. Once the lash is the length you want it, I like to bend the lash band around my pinkie finger so that it gets a little bit of a curve to it. This helps it fit nicely onto the rounded shape of your eyelid.

3. If you are using a squeeze tube glue, you might want to squeeze some out onto a palette or whatever you have handy. Then, you can apply it in a more controlled way with a toothpick or some sort of applicator. I usually just live life on the edge and apply the glue directly from the tube to the lash. Just beware that it can have air bubbles and squirt a little too much glue out. You want a nice thin line of glue from one end of the lashband to the other end.

4. Once the glue is on, I count to 40. After 40 seconds, I find that the glue is still slightly wet but has dried enough to the point where it is now tacky and will actually stick to my lid. The amount of time you wait could vary, but definitely do not skip this step. If the glue is too wet, it will not stick at all.

5. Once you're ready to apply the lash, you may want to use tweezers or lash applicators so that you can see what you're doing better. Some people need to and some people don't, so you can try using just your fingers too. I tend to use tweezers when I apply them on myself but prefer my fingers when applying to clients. Another helpful tip is to look down into a mirror below you. I personally stand right in front of my full length mirror and tilt my head back so that my eyes are almost closed but I can still see out of them.

6. Now, just stick the lash onto your lid. Try to get as close to your actual lashes as possible without gluing it to your lashes. If you do, it's not a big deal. Just remove them really carefully at night with lots of makeup remover. You shouldn't lose any real lashes. I like to stick the middle of the lash down first and then grab the inner corner and place it down and repeat with the outer corner. It doesn't matter which side you do first but I do find it helpful to start with the middle.

That's it! Like everything, it just takes a lot of practice. Play around with applying lashes when you don't actually have to go anywhere important in case you mess up. Like I mentioned, you can reuse lashes if you are gentle with them, so don't feel like you're wasting them if you practice when you're not going anywhere.

Visit my "Lash Catalog" page on my main site for pictures of every lash on my eyes, but here are some quick reviews:

Ardell Aqua Lashes ($5.50): These don't require glue; you just dip the band in water to activate the adhesive. While it does truly work, I think it's more of a hassle and messier than regular lashes. It's hard to submerge the band without getting the actual lashes a little wet too and then the water transfers to your get the point. The lash band is also very stiff which I didn't love.

Ardell Demi Wispies ($3.99): I wear these all the time because they look so natural but fill out my lash line. These are my most popular lashes to use on clients.

Ardell Double Up 207 ($5.49): These are like the Double Up Demi Wispies except less wispy but I like them! You get a nice amount of length in addition to the volume

Ardell Double Up Demi Wispies ($5.49): These honestly look more dense and full than the Double Up Wispies

Ardell Double Up Wispies ($5.49): Nice, fluffly, and wispy!

Ardell Glamour 113 ($4.99): Very long! I usually prefer volume over length so I don't wear these a lot but if you like a lot of length, give them a shot.

Ardell Natural 120 Demi ($4.99): I love these! Similar to the demi wispies, they're not too long but they fill out my lashes in such a natural way that I sometimes forget I'm wearing them yet my lashes look way better than they ever would without.

Ardell Wispies ($4.99): One of the most popular drugstore lashes! In my opinion, any of Ardell's wispies (natural/glamour, demi/regular) are great. These have more length than any of the demi wispies but they still keep a nice wispy, natural look while adding volume.

Eyelure x Vegas Nay, Grand Glamour ($7.99): My faves! I always wear them for special occasions because they give me glamourous volume and a good amount of length but don't look cheap or flimsy. The band is thick but it always stay on well. If you're not used to lashes, these are dramatic!

NYX Wicked Lashes, 08 Bashful ($5): These were too natural for me, but I put them to good use on Halloween when I used them as falsies for my bottom lashes. I use these for my clients who are afraid of their lashes looking too obvious and they love them!

NYX Wicked Lashes, 12 Vixen ($5): A nice, natural, wispy style

NYX Wicked Lashes, 15 Exposed ($7): Cute lashes but this band did not want to stick to my lashline. I find that to be a problem with a lot of NYX lashes.

NYX Wicked Lashes, 20 Doe Eyes ($7): Gives me bursts of length for a pretty, fluttery lash look.

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