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  • Melissa

Business Update January 2024:

After much thought and prayer, I’m making a pretty big change to my business which I’m super excited about: I’ve decided to give all of my 2024 profit to the Lord!

Let me explain...


For a while now, I’ve longed to weave my faith into my business.  I wished for a way to use my gifts to serve the Lord. It’s often said to keep religion and politics out of business, but my entire identity is rooted in Jesus Christ and it has felt unnatural to run a business without him at the center.  I truly believe Jesus is who he says he is and I want everyone to know of his great love for them.  If I don’t get the opportunity to share the gospel with each client, it excites me that the profit I make will go to organizations that act as Jesus' hands and feet here on earth.

The faith I have today is not something I inherited or something passed down to me.  I believed in Jesus for many years but wasn’t truly living for him. I thought I had God in my life and didn’t need more of him. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I experienced what his love and grace truly meant and it changed my life forever.  Every year that passes I grow more and more sure of his goodness and faithfulness. 

For those who don’t know, my makeup business is not my full time job (nor do I want it to be), but the money I earn doing makeup has always been a very helpful supplement to my main income. I am a new homeowner this year and am getting married in September. I could use this money now more than ever, but I want to take this initiative to show how much I trust God.  He always provides exactly what we need.


All profit from my makeup business (revenue minus expenses and taxes) will be donated to any organization(s) of my choosing that share the gospel and advance the kingdom of God.  I plan to donate the profits to my local church (who uses the funds to meet needs in our area and around the world), missionaries, and other nonprofit Christian organizations.

What does this mean for clients?

There will be no change in pricing.  The quality of service I deliver has not changed and in fact, only gets better with each passing year as I continue to hone my skills. The only difference is that the money you pay me for your makeup service will go towards loving others and sharing the gospel around the world.

I’ve always prayed for every single client leading up to their event.  If you would like to know more about Jesus or have me pray with you on the day of your event, I’d be happy to do so during your service (or at any time).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this change.

Thank you all for your business and allowing me to do what I love! Now I get to use the gifts God has given me for the most fulfilling purpose. Thank you in advance for supporting my "makeup ministry"!

Grace and peace,



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