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Colorful/Themed Makeup

Sometimes, you're not trying to look beautiful. You're not trying to impress anyone. Sometimes, using makeup is just about creating art on your face!

Here are some looks I've done for various purposes just for the sake of proving that makeup is an art of self-expression. Most of the time, I use makeup to enhance the way I look, but there are also times where I just want to do a fun, colorful eyeshadow look for the sole purpose of pushing my own boundaries and seeing how artistic I can get.

I'm a very neutral kind of girl. Neutral colored eyeshadow. Nude Lip. Natural toned highlight.

Sometimes I need to remind myself how much makeup is out there and how I have yet to even dip my toe into the infinite possibilities that exist.

So I hope these looks serve as that same reminder to you. Most of the colorful looks were inspired/recreated from pictures I saw on Pinterest or Instagram. I wish I could give the original artists credit but at this point, I have no idea where I even saw the pictures and don't have them saved.

Just remember, makeup is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it!

Disclaimer: Some of these pics are from several years ago and my technique wasn't great but at least I was experimenting! I guess this post will also serve as a little "glow up" post.


St. Patrick's Day Half Cut Crease (2018)

St. Patrick's Day Half Cut Crease (2018)

St. Patrick's Day Half Cut Crease (2018)

St. Patrick's Day Cut Crease (2018)

St. Patrick's Day Half Cut Crease (2018)

4th of July (2014)

4th of July (2015)

4th of July (2016)

Candy Cane Liner (2016)

Candy Cane Liner (2017)

Candy Cane Liner (2017)


Many of these were created for theme days at work when I worked in cosmetic retail.

Rainbow Eyes (2016)

Galaxy Chic (2016): used the BH Galaxy Chic palette

Monochromatic Pink (2016)

Aquamarine (2016)

Jolly Rancher (2016)

Jolly Rancher (2016)

Monochromatic Navy (2017)

Festival Freak (2017)

Coachella Vibes (2017)

Pink Glitter Cut Crease (2017)

Neon Cotton Candy (2017)

Metallic Wine (2017)

Love You So Mochi (2018): NYX reposted this on their Instagram story!

Desert Oasis (2018)

Desert Oasis (2018)

Ocean Treasure (2018)

Desert Sunset (2018)

Desert Sunset (2018)

Paint Splatter (2018)

Paint Splatter (2018)

Flower Vine (2018)

Green with Envy (2018)

Opposites Attract (2018)

Pink Sugar Crystal (2018)

Magenta Half Moon (2018)

Head in the Clouds (2018)

Grungy Glam Graphic Liner

Football Teams

Quick back story: I love football and for several years now, I've been picking a team to root for in the Superbowl and representing that team with an eyeshadow look that incorporates their team colors. Here are some of them:

Seattle Seahawks (2015)

Denver Broncos (2016)

Arizona Cardinals (2016)

Carolina Panthers (2016)

Carolina Panthers (2016): They got 2 looks because I did one for playoffs and then one when they made it to Superbowl.

Philadelphia Eagles (2018)

Philadelphia Eagles (2018)

For more of my personal creations, check out my personal gallery on the main page of my website.

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