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Getting to Know Kosas

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Kosas is a brand I heard about within the last year or so although they've probably been around longer. Kosas describes their brand as "Clean Makeup for Skincare Freaks" - their formulas are clean and they use ingredients that benefit skin too! This mission really resonates with me because I believe we shouldn't have to compromise our skin for the sake of beauty. The most ideal makeup would make us look good when we're wearing it but also when we're not wearing it. That's what Kosas claims to do.

If all that wasn't cool enough, Kosas has a super smart product on their website called the "Take The Site Home Kit" that has samples of almost every product they make. It costs $35 but when you buy it, you receive a $35 site credit, so it's essentially free! Overall I had a good experience being able to try the products before I purchased full-sized versions.

Some of the downsides: Although most samples had enough product to try, I found some of the samples didn't give very much product at all.

One of the samples looked like it had gone bad (pictured below). And I had less than a month to use the site credit before it expired.


Here's a couple specific swatches/reviews:

Tinted Face Oil Foundation ($42): I didn't get enough product to try but I love the concept of a super lightweight serum-like product with light coverage. Truly a makeup product and skincare all in one!

Revealer Concealer ($28): a nice, creamy medium coverage concealer. I didn't experience too much creasing with it which surprised me because of the creaminess and hydrating ingredients.

In general, I liked the following face products. I thought they wore well throughout the day and helped keep the skin looking fresh and glowy.

Color & Light Palette - Cream ($34)

Color & Light Palette - Powder ($34)

The Sun Show Bronzer ($34)

Wet Lip Oil Gloss ($22): One of my favorite products from the kit! It feels nice on the lips but I'll admit it's a tad stickier than some other lip oils I've used. But overall I liked it enough to buy one with my site credit. And the colors are beautiful!

Lipfuel Active Lip Balm ($18): I'm not the type to spend $18 on a lip balm, no matter what ingredients are packed into it. It has a nice cooling feeling and slight minty scent. It feels good on the lips but nothing life-changing.

Some others with no pictures:

Chemistry Deodorant ($15): I tried this the first time by applying it in the morning, going through my day, and working out/sweating at night. I didn't smell! But then I tried it another time when I didn't work out but was just naturally sweating a little throughout the day, and I started smelling. However, my final verdict is this--since I bought a full size one with my site credit, I've been using it every day and have not smelled any BO! I also love that it goes on clear (no stains!), and claims to soothe skin and help with ingrown hairs. One downfall is that it is a deodorant but not an antiperspirant, which means you can still get some pit stains. I'm used to this since I've been on the clean deodorant game for a while now so it doesn't really phase me anymore.

Air Brow - Clear ($22): Not the best clear gel I've tried. The NYX Brow Glue holds stronger than this at a fraction of the price

Air Brow - Tinted ($22): Nice pigment for a tinted brow gel. I'm not a big fan of these types of products since the tails of my brows are pretty sparse so tinted gels just look muddy there.

The Big Clean Mascara ($26): My lashes looked pretty good but it flaked a little bit so it's not my favorite clean mascara.

I did not try the Weightless Lipsticks because I plan to use them on clients so I don't want to open the samples.


Overall, I think Kosas is a cool, innovative brand with some good quality products. If you shop at this price point regularly, they're definitely worth checking out. I personally find their prices a little high but it's not so bad when you think of them as a skincare investment too. I think their products will be appreciated by skincare lovers, those with sensitive skin, and those who like skin-like makeup. As always, none of this content is sponsored. I hope you found this helpful!

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