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Lip Color Comparisons

Updated: May 24, 2020

As much as I care about the quality of the lipstick formula, I know that the colors are what draw me (and most people) to these pretty tubes of creamy color. So here's a post completely dedicated to swatches and comparisons I've done between lip products of different brands/formulas.

Keep in mind that theses swatches were done a while ago so some of the lip products may be discontinued by now. The only real abbreviation I made was WnW for Wet n Wild but I think all the others are straightforward.

For those not familiar with makeup junkie terminology, a "dupe" is short for "duplicate" and refers to a product that is almost identical to another product. The most common reason for trying to find dupes is in order to find a similar product at a lower cost (see MAC dupes picture toward the end of this post). Some also search for dupes when a brand is not cruelty free and they are in search of a similar product that is not tested on animals.

Of course, like all makeup products, these will look different depending on your skin tone. For reference, I am not the fairest on the spectrum, but I'm definitely very light. Some common foundation numbers of mine are MAC NC25, MUFE HD Y245, Maybelline Fit Me 120, Too Faced Born This Way Vanilla, NYX Vanilla or Natural.

Also keep in mind that color is never exactly what you see on a computer/phone screen. These pictures look different on my phone than they do on my computer, so it'll definitely look different in person. However, I have been able to successfully pick out colors for myself from seeing comparison swatches online only when they were compared to products I already had and was familiar with. Hopefully these swatches will be helpful to someone and if not, they're pretty to look at :)

Colourpop Clueless, NYX Vintage & Colourpop Beeper vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills Crush, Trust Issues, Veronica, & Sepia

Maybelline Touch of Spice & NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Rome

NYX Thalia, Colourpop Trap & NYX Embellishment

Jordana Rock n Rose, Milani Nude, and NYX Mauve vs. MAC Spice, Subculture, Whirl, Boldly Bare, and Stripdown

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